Welcome to the Electronic Fee service (e-Paravolo) service.

The service offers the opportunity to use electronic payments in transactions between citizens or businesses and the public sector.

For the issuance and payment of e-paravolo you must fill out:

  1. Public Authority - Fee Category - Fee Type

  2. the amount (not required in case of fixed-price fees)

  3. Taxpayer Identification Number(TIN), Last name, first name, father's name, of the person for whom the e-paravolo will be issued

  4. Bank Account-IBAN (27 digits) that will be used in case of a refund (TIN is required)


  1. Alternatively, a non-Taxpayer Identification number electronic fee can be issued by filling in the fields First Name, Last name, Father's Name, Mother's Name and Date of Birth. The Taxpayer Identification Number is required to enable the refund of the electronic Fee
  2. The payment of the e-paravolo is required for the submission to the responsible Public Authority.
  3. Follow the instructions of the responsible public authority to fill the "Additional Info" field.

For more information on how to issue a e-paravolo, you can refer to the instructions

Questions related with the "e-Paravolo" application can be submitted to the Service Center (TaxisNet credentials are required).